Building Productive Teams

Grow A Passionate & Productive Team From Scratch! | taught by Sean Adams

Course description

In Building Productive Teams learn to leverage the missing part of leadership to attract team members and build a team. Learn the how to help team members Increase productivity. I teach what great supervisors, managers, and leaders do every day to continuously improve team performance.

From Sean Covey to Andy Stanley, from John Maxwell to Arthur A. Thompson, you can find a lot of the topics covered in this course all over the world and web. It's practically free (though I did learn some of the lessons we cover during my MBA)! You can Google the topics and find tons of links, articles, papers, and speeches. But it wouldn't be the same.

You can do the research but will you have the opportunities to put your findings into practice? Can you weigh what doesn't work against what moves the needle on your success meter?

In less than 2 hours we cover what works. What I’ve instituted in corporate sectors as well as in not for profit organizations. What I’ve seen succeed for other and what will succeed for you.

Sean Adams
Sean Adams
Pragmatic Pastor

I’m Sean, husband to a beautiful wife and father to two awesome kids.

I’m a certified Product Manager/Owner and Business Systems Analyst. I help teams of people in implement the best solutions for their products and businesses to create success.